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Mija Launches Clothing Line, “Made By Mija”

The iconic ‘Fk A Genre’ goddess Mija has made a name for herself in just a short couple of years. Having already made appearances at some of the biggest festivals like Tomorroworld and Burning Man, Mija consistently lays it down. Not only does she kill it on the stage but she also kills it in the fashion world in that this Los Angeles based DJ knows style and beams her creativity in her music and the way she dresses.


As she explained in an interview with NEST HQ,  before dropping out of school to become a full time DJ, Mija was originally attending school for fashion design/merchandising/buying. A project years in the making, the clothing line perfectly displays that unique Mija style we see in everything she wears and in her music. “Made By Mija” features unisex, mens, and women apparel offering clothing from intimates and accessories to casual hoodies. The line represents a somewhat high-end streetwear feel and many styles that we see Mija in all the time.

Check it out for yourself on the clothing line’s site,

Catch Mija’s Fk A Genre Show this November 23 at The Pressroom in Phoenix.

Connect with Mija: Website | Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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