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Octopus Recordings Combines Efforts of Techno Producers All Over the World

If you’re into the deeper sounds of electronic music, Octopus Recordings is full of fresh artists for you to discover. Sian, the Los Angeles raised techno artist, constructed this label full of musicians with strong, steady producing abilities. Pleasurekraft, Sian, Noir, and Boryana are just some of the talented artists within Octopus Recordings.

One of the most impressive aspects of this label is all of the different ends of the world it covers. With artists from Bulgaria, the United States, Denmark, Spain, and just about everywhere else, these musicians all have one thing in common.. the drive to create techno music.

Listen to Sian B2B Shelley Johannson, two magnificent techno artists from Octopus Recordings, as they combine their rhythmic elements for a mix presented in London, Ontario.

The newest member of Octopus Recordings, Juheun, just signed exclusively to the label a couple months back. He will be popping up on Octopus showings all across the world including The BPM Festival in Mexico for their 10 year anniversary. The newest “Octopus 100” compilation will include his recent track, “Trajectory.”

Sian presents Octopus100 Compilation (Promo 1)

To support the newest Octopus 100 release, Octopus Recordings has teamed up with professional skateboarder Arron “Jaws” Himoki to giveaway a limited edition, signed Octopus 100 skateboard. After the compilation comes out December 7, there will be tons more skateboard giveaways. Keep an eye out for the skateboard giveaways and get excited for the freshest techno compilations of the year.

Catch Sian next month at the Scarlet Room @ Monarch hosted by RBDeep and Circuit, so purchase tickets and join the event page.

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