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Decadence Artist Spotlight: DJ Snake — A Star in Every Sense

We all know that one song that takes us back to our 2013 days, and every time it comes on (no matter how many times we’ve heard it) we can’t help but yell the catch line. That’s right, “Turn Down For What” was definitely that jam. Ever since the grammy-nominated French producer DJ Snake released the non-stop party anthem, his career skyrocketed into a thunderstorm of success that no one was expecting.

Collabing with everyone from Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, and Yellow Claw, DJ Snake has also remixed dozens of tracks that have landed him a spot on the charts numerous times. His 2014 collaboration, “Get Low” gained him avid listeners who would not be disappointed with his future releases, including the chart smasher “Lean On.”

His first debut album, Encore was released this past year, which became an instant hit with a handful of go-to party tracks. Songs like “Middle,” “Propaganda,” and “Let Me Love You” all became catalysts for an endless stream of remixes.

DJ Snake will be playing at none other but this year’s Decadence NYE Festival along with a lineup that cannot be beat. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, now’s the time! Grab them here:

Decadence NYE 2016 – Arizona

If you want to keep up with DJ Snake check out his social media here!

Connect with DJ Snake: Website | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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