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Sam Feldt’s New Mixtape Brings Out Insanity To Deep House

Something cold came at the beginning of this month besides the weather, and we believe the forecast might be coming from the Netherlands — specifically, the sick and “ice cold” mixtape released earlier in the month titled “Droomvlucht,” by the diverse deep-house producer, Sam Feldt. Regardless of title that escapes westernization. The title, which means “Dreamflight,” not only invites us to the surreal landscape that lives in the mind of Feldt, but pulls out all the stops in making it not only a satisfying house experience, but one that tells a diverse story through the use of some solid work behind the boards that exceeds the genre.

Throughout the intro, ambient sounds are combined with soulful vocals, as Sam Feldt manages to cram all of the most relevant Calvin Harris-esque production values, while maintaining a sense of solidarity. When listening to Droomvlucht, it is fascinating to note that the global influences that are combined within the seamless mixtape remove any notion that it is combined with continental sounds. Take heed, readers, for you aren’t going to find many tribal sounds that have been popular in all realms of house, but sounds that inspire a “Jungle Boogie” throwback that hasn’t left our systems since Kool & The Gang came onto the scene.

Yes, we hear your pain, trap fans: this is not a trap album, nor this is a “back to basics” album of deep house. This is what house should have been the entire time: not a stagnant collection of sounds, but a reinvention of sorts that is revolutionizing what we know as the genre. Sam Feldt’s new mixtape has just enough qualities to please a new listener, and also pulling in the old-school peeps by providing enough straight-out-of-the-package sounds that doesn’t make it sound like a 2008 Timbaland album.

Throughout the mixtape, you are going to hear an opera of house that does not follow “en suite” the trends other producers are trying to reinforce, but by using the tools he already has to make something better. It is sometimes a frightening event when an artist wants to revolutionize the genre, because birds of a feather, flock together; in Sam’s case, he is taking this revolution step by step, and Droomvlucht is an example of that dedication to the progress of what we know as deep house.

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