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Phoenix Lights Artist Spotlight: Low Steppa

The internet is rather fickle these days, isn’t it? With artists like Low Steppa on the scene who have almost entirely amassed their following from a strong online presence, 2017 could never be more relevant to their rise with the powerful tool known as Soundcloud. While everyone is scrambling for the top, or at least a place in a random listener’s heart through the power of a few likes, Low Steppa needs no further introduction since his spread in 2013.

This week, Relentless Beats is putting a spotlight on the slick club-like stylings of Birmingham’s own Low Steppa, who mixes his very own roots with only the best of what you can call “stadium” house. For this British House maven, his splashes across the pond have had heavier significance until recently. Combining traditional house values with jungle beats, nothing is more representative to his sound than his drawn out megamixes, that fully encapture his style through long-form house (a dying art in the short attention-span of 2017).

What Low Steppa has to offer, just like in one of his older and most memorable mixes above, is the art of making a cohesive and club-ready megamix that almost comes completely from his own finger-tips. While you may not expect the Trap-like stylings of today, Low Steppa has just enough British influence in his music to grasp an American newcomer to heavy house without offending the core populace that has brought on this EDM renaissance. Low Steppa’s presence in the community only strengthens the core ideals of house: using synth to not only get people on the dance-floor, but to also give different vibes to those who wish to beat to a different drum.

Fast forwarding to the most recent part of his career, Take It Up is gaining popularity on his own Soundcoud account, which follows his conventions of house, yet definitely has a bit more of those jungle beats we mentioned that bring that classic house beat into modern times. Keep an eye on Low Steppa, because our friend from across the pond will definitely be making a splash soon through a club speaker through you, and we at Relentless Beats can let you know Low Steppa’s stamina is not going anywhere.

Catch Low Steppa on the RB Deep Stage this year at Phoenix Lights!

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