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RB Exclusive Interview: Wingtip Prepares for Phoenix Lights Festival

You better put your dancing shoes on, because Wingtip has a lot up his sleeve for 2017! The Brooklyn-based producer has been undergoing a musical transformation, taking his listeners from a distinct dance and disco-vibe, to tracks that focus heavily on lyrics. Wingtip went from being a normal college student at Columbia University to a huge producer signed to Republic/Casablanca Records in a matter of years. Lately he’s been making big changes to his sound and working with amazing people in the music community.

We got the chance to talk with Wingtip about his recent releases and upcoming plans for his sound:

Your new release, Rewind, already has over 16 million plays on Spotify! How is this release different from your others? What was it like working with Sophie Strauss?

With ‘Rewind,’ I wanted to push myself to make something that would reach people beyond the dancefloor, that they’d be able to listen to in their cars, or at home, and relate to. I love writing dancier stuff, but I’ve been really interested lately in how you can use some of the sounds of dance music to enhance a lyrical feeling. 

Working with Sophie was awesome – we were friends before making the song, so it was really easy and natural. I think being comfortable around your collaborators is so important, since you’re being really vulnerable, and she was incredibly receptive and open to working with new vibes and ideas.

I felt like what I was making was reaching a ceiling in what it could express and what sounds I could use – I tried bit by bit to push myself to write things that were a little more unexpected or a little more out of the box from what I had been making, and it was really well received, which was really exciting. I’m always just pushing myself to try new stuff sonically and stylistically, so it was pretty inevitable that my sound would change over the year or two I was writing.

You have a busy schedule lined up for 2017, including Phoenix Lights! What can fans expect from you live?

I try to get in a lot of originals these days! My set has a ton of unreleased music I’m really excited about, as well as music that I feel influenced me either directly or indirectly – I love throwing in some disco alongside with some indie alongside some straight dance stuff; I think people these days listen to all kinds of music, so I don’t want to restrict my sets to just one vibe or feeling.

You recently signed with Republic/Casablanca Records, that’s big! You said you talked about your vision, music, and plans for the future. Where do you see this collaboration taking you?

Thank you! I’m really excited about it. When Republic came to me, it was really clear that they understood that I wasn’t just looking to write pure dance music – they saw me as a songwriter and performer and someone that was going to push the boundaries between pop, indie, and dance. Casablanca and Republic have been amazing in suggesting collaborators, helping me refine my visual style, and bringing my music to places and people who wouldn’t have ever heard it otherwise. I’m really excited to keep working with them and to see what heights we can reach together.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

A lot of new music! I’m planning on releasing my debut EP this year, as well as some collaborations with vocalists and writers who I love and respect. I’m also working on enhancing my live show with live guitar and vocalists, and adding really cool visual production that matches the feel of my album art.

Is there anything else you want your fans to know?

The music I’ve got coming for you is the most honest and exciting stuff I feel I’ve ever written; some of it is more on the pop end, some of it is more on the dance end, but it’s all made with people I love and admire. I’m really proud of it all and can’t wait for you to hear!

Huge shoutout to Wingtip for taking the time to talk with us! We’re super excited to see how your music and live shows evolve with you this year.

If you want to check him out, don’t miss his set at Phoenix Lights this year. Get your tickets here!

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