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JOYRYDE Directs Music Video for Original Track “New Breed” ft. Darnell Williams

As a major contributor to the expanding world of bass house, JOYRYDE has consistently put out music that stands out from the rest in the house scene. His latest release follows this trend with another energetic bass house tune designed for release on the new HOWSLA compilation, curated by Skrillex and Chris Lake. “New Breed” features Darnell Williams who adds a dark touch to the track with his syrupy, legato rap lyrics. The sections highlighting Darnell are succeeded by a bassy, detuned drop that reminds you of how well JOYRYDE can create a danceable groove.

Overall, the track is a solid release and will most likely be heard in clubs for some time. However, the best part about the release of “New Breed” is the accompanying music video. Directed by JOYRYDE himself, the video mirrors the dark vocals of Darnell with even darker scenes and events. The video follows a pair of robbers who wind up in a peculiar situation involving gang bosses, satanic cults, and human sacrifice. If it sounds strange in writing, just wait until you see for yourself!


It is evident that JOYRYDE’s talent and creativity are more than capable of stemming past music production. Now contributing to HOWSLA among fellow house producers, it is safe to assume that we will see more unique projects like this from both JOYRYDE and HOWSLA.

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