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Ingrosso Drops New Album Announcement and Tracklist Through Instragram Post

Hot off the tails of Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s recent EP release, More Than You Know, Ingrosso announced a solo project that he’s been working on. He also happened to announce the release in a creative and unusual way by posting that a limited amount of signed copies of the forthcoming album are now available at the London Store.

Here is the striking Instagram post below:

There have not yet been any other details released about the upcoming album, but the artwork itself discloses the twelve tracks that the album will consist of. Essentially, all of these tracks have been previously released either as singles or on another EP, but we hope that the two bonus tracks will contain some fresh material.

Here is the tracklisting:

  1. More Than You Know
  2. How Do You Feel Right Now
  3. This Time
  4. Something New
  5. Renegade
  6. Dream Bigger
  7. Sun Is Sunshine
  8. On My Way
  9. I Love You (Ft. Kid Ink)
  10. Thinking About You
  11. Can’t Hold Us Down
  12. Dawn
  13. [Bonus Track]
  14. [Bonus Track]

Regardless, we can’t wait for this release!

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