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Slushii Releases a Heavy and Happy New Single ‘Step by Step’

Slushii, born Julian Scanlan, was born and raised in New Jersey where he worked on several small music projects that did not see much fruition. Julian worked at a Best Buy until he rose to stardom in the EDM industry and started touring the country and then the world. Slushii has been surprising us with his insanely hard, even gut wrenching emotional tracks since he first released “Emptiness” and then “Brain Freeze” in 2016. Just recently Slushii released a new single called “Step By Step” which has, once again, blown me away with his stunning production and emotional yet heavy vibes that he gives off in this track.

This song is imbued with all the traits that make Slushii so unique such as his vocal chops, dubstep drops, his drums, and future or even gamey sounding synths. I definitely suggest giving Step By Step a listen if you are ready to rage while being filled with the happy vibe that Slushii gives off!

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