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Spin it Back Saturday: The Crystal Method – ‘Trip Like I Do’

Once upon a time, the rave scene was secluded to abandon warehouses and far off desert terrains. Since, the scene has risen to the public light and is loved by the masses. As savvy businessman and even more talented artist, The Crystal Method followed suit and is still considered one of today’s most loved electronic artists. Their first EP, Vegas, was released all the way back in 1997 and it went platinum in 2007. In 2017 the duo parted ways when Ken Jordan decided to retire from music, however, Scott Kirkland continues to produce and play shows under the TCM moniker as a solo project. Their hit track was titled, “Trip Like I Do” and it’s today’s Spin it Back Saturday. Check it out below.

The Crystal Method – Trip Like I Do (Original)

The 7-minute track still holds a unique quality that few have ever successfully replicated. The effortless element of mystery and wobbly wavy synths make a track no one will forget no matter what year we’re in. On March 10, we’re bringing the Grammy-winning artist back to AZ to remind us what the old rave scene used to look, feel, and sound like. Grab your tickets here.

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