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4 Reasons to Get a SNBRN

It turns out a sunburn isn’t just something you can get from being outside. SNBRN has been in the EDM scene for five years making what he calls “sunset house,” (it really is a perfect explanation of his music). Each of his songs overflow with good vibes that make you feel alive. If that’s not reason enough, here are four reasons to listen to SNBRN:

1. His music will get you dancing! Check out this song by SNBRN, “ELE.” A song to groove to, but also appreciate musically, “ELE” is one track that really captures SNBRN as an artist.

2. He made seasonal mixes on SoundCloud. Yesyou read right–SEASONAL. A spring, summer, fall, and winter mix. Each one has its own theme and you can feel the seasonal aspect that he was going for when creating the mixes. Travel through the year with the mixes below!

3. He is the king of remixes. Seriously. His remix of Bebe Rexha’s “I Got You” has over 1.1 million plays on SoundCloud. His remix of “Weekend” by Louis The Child is straight fire, racking up a respective near 1 million plays on SoundCloud. Listen to them both below!

4. Finally, SNBRN will be playing at Wet Electric, the ultimate waterpark show! Held at Big Surf Waterpark, Wet Electric is a new type of festival experience. Taking place in the large pool provided at the waterpark, good times and great vibes are its specialty and SNBRN’s music will create the perfect soundtrack.

Whether you’re a fan of his remixes, his original songs, or his seasonal sets, he is definitely an EDM artist that’s heating up the scene. Get your tickets to see SNBRN shed some heatwaves on Wet Electric here!

Connect with SNBRN: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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