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Boombox Cartel and Nessly Drop ‘Moon Love’

What just crash landed in all our laps is the second Mad Decent release from Boombox Cartel, and it’s a banger. Just like their last release “Whisper,” Boombox Cartel enlists a vocalist to lace the track. This time around it’s Atlanta rapper Nessly. Between his vibey, smooth lyrics and Boombox Cartel’s banging drops, this track has a sweet dichotomy to it. One moment you’ll find yourself angling your head back just soaking in the feeling Nessly brings and the next that head is going to snap forward and the head banging will begin.

Boombox Cartel – Moon Love (Feat. Nessly) [Official Audio]

Both artists have been busy recently gracing us with dopeness. Nessly just released his debut project called Wildflower. Boombox Cartel, who met in Monterrey, Mexico, have been showcasing their diversity on their recent Mad Decent releases. “Whisper” and “Moon Love” are very different, yet both dope tracks. This speaks volumes for what is yet to come. Catch BoomBox Cartel blasting bangers out the speakers at Phoenix Lights in April. Get tickets here.

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