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Habstrakt’s ‘Movie’ is a Thriller

Habstrakt has been creating dubstep and bass house bangers since he stepped into the scene, most notably collaborating with Skrillex on the now infamous “Chicken Soup.” Since then, he’s been growing in popularity. Fun fact about the French producer: he actually produced music for movies and theater at the beginning of his career. Speaking of movies, Habstrakt’s new track “Movie” would definitely be an R-rated thriller if it was on the big screen.

The bass in this new bass house track is slightly more subtle than it usually in his dubstep tracks. This aspect, combined with the dark vibes and haunting yet sexual voice of Josh Pan, give this song a thrilling twist. The track gets darker as you listen to the lyrics: “Got a body in the backseat,” plays into the R-rated essence that Habstrakt wants you to feel with this track. Habstrakt’s bass house tracks are usually heavy and loud to get you dancing and headbanging, but “Movie” twists his sound to something unusual but welcomed. While I love the hype tracks Habstrakt produces, I’m also looking forward to more dark bass tracks from him as well.

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