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Kylie Jenner to Replace Travis Scott at Phoenix Lights; Daddy Duty Calls

Phoenix Lights is less than a week away now, but when Daddy Duty calls, you’ve got to answer. Travis Scott and super-famous baby mama Kylie Jenner revealed their baby girl, Stormi, earlier this year. It came as a surprise to everyone (okay, not really) when they made the official announcement. Even more surprising though, was the news that Travis Scott wouldn’t be able to attend Phoenix Lights this weekend–he’s on Storm(i) watch!

You may be wondering what Kylie Jenner could offer Phoenix Lights, as she’s not your typical festival headliner. In addition to being a reality star, social media mogul and makeup guru, she’ll soon be adding recording artist to her long list of accomplishments. That’s right–Kylie Jenner just released her FIRST single, and it’s not half bad! Check it out here.


If you haven’t bought your Phoenix Lights tickets yet…don’t let this sway your decision one way or another. April Fools! Find the real Phoenix Lights lineup, info, and tickets here.

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