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Logistics Releases ‘Broken Light’ with Thomas Oliver

Drum and Bass is an uncommon but rising genre here in the United States, however, over in England, the genre has taken the country by storm. In the forefront of the D&B movement is Logistics. Debuting in 2003, Logistics has set the stage for welcoming and melodic liquid D&B. His music is so smooth and enjoyable to listen too. Logistics most recent creation is the track “Broken Light” a low tempo and somber song with meaningful lyrics from Thomas Oliver. The beat is mesmerizing, and the English producer manages to keep listeners drawn in from the first kick of the drum.

Hailing from Cambridge, England, Matt Gresham, or as his fans know him, Logistics is a fantastic drum and bass producer like no other. His music is so easy to listen and get hooked too and can be described by his label as music that “bridges the gap between a lackluster subgenre, liquid funk, and more exciting dancefloor-oriented drum and bass.” Logistics’ musical influences come from the heavy rock band, Rage Against the Machine along with downtempo electronic music. Logistics, along with his two brothers Nu:Tone and Other Echoes are all signed to Hospital Records and have been in the industry for over 10 years.

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