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SBTRKT Takes Us to Church with His ‘All We Got’ Remix

On Chance the Rapper’s “All We Got” from the Coloring Book album, Chance leads a gospel choir and Kanye West is singing to the skies. SBTRKT remixing “All We Got” is a match made in music heaven. The masked producer known as SBTRKT prefers anonymity in order to let the music speak for itself.

It’s as if you’ve been going to the same church for months and they’ve been playing the same arrangement of the same song and you’re good with it, it hasn’t gotten old quite yet, then one day they switch up the arrangement while keeping the essence but adding a different soulful flavor that gives in new life.

The focus is still on Chance’s lyrics, noting how happy he is and the chorus, with its’ “bom bom bom” rhythm, but layered underneath is a drummer playing like his soul is on fire and a keyboardist whose playing the sounds of radiant exuberance. Both those people are SBTRKT. He provides the sounds to match the feeling Chance the Rapper is singing and rapping about. SBTRKT’s interpretation is the same song, it just uses different hues and colors to provide a similar devotional soundscape.

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