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Chance The Rapper’s ‘The Big Day’ Delivers Matured, Familiar Sound

Chance the Rapper has co-produced his 2nd album, The Big Day. While remaining consistent in his flow and keeping familiar names on the production list, the overall theme in this most recent project displays a lot of growth, not only as an artist but seemingly as a person in comparison to his Acid Rap days.

Acid Rap was dark and introspective; his featured artists on the project matched that theme and delivered such a distinct brand that it left a “perma-stage” to connect on with his ever-growing fan base. With producer Nate Fox being present across his multiple projects, he’s helped secure a very staple part of Chance’s sound.

Honorable mentions from The Big Day include “Sun Come Down.” The introduction offers an insight that Chance is worried about what his death will be made about and what he doesn’t want it to be about. It gives a retrospective contemplation of one’s own life. “Hot Shower” featuring Madeintyo & DaBaby has familiar ad-libs that Chance has incorporated into his brand as an artist, and you can hear the familiar ‘ooo’s from Madeintyo. This was the first song off the album that I put on repeat after the first time I heard it. “Roo” stands out because of the ever distinctive and alluring voice of Coco Rosie- one that definitely deserves more features on works like this due to the icing on the cake effect it has on the song. “Handsome” featuring Meg Thee Stallion & “Big Fish” featuring Gucci Mane were both exciting to hear how Chance collaborated his sound with both of the features.

Will we ever hear an Acid Rap album from Chance again? We can’t be sure, but it is never disappointing to see how Chance continues to evolve.

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