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Watch it Wednesday: Peking Duk – ‘Wasted’

As a song that everyone can relate to, Peking Duk’s latest track, “Wasted,” is paired with a music video that looks like a scene straight out of Pulp Fiction. In the opening scene, we are met with an 80’s looking Adam Hyde who is doing the morning after still-drunk-from-last-night stumble through graffitied streets to meet his partner in producing and pouring drinks, Ruben Styles. The two make their way to the club (while it’s daylight) and dance away the sadness of a broken heart. “Wasted” is that song we’ve played after a breakup and the video depicts the actions we take to numb the pain. It’s a sad concept, but this is Peking Duk we’re talking about so the video brings a lighthearted comic element to the song. Enough of me babbling, check it out below.

Peking Duk – Wasted (Official Video)

It has been a good minute since we’ve had this Aussie duo in our state and come June 23rd the wait is over. Peking Duk is set to bring their robust and colorful production to Valley Bar; grab your tickets here.

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