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Newcomers Forever M.C. and it’s different Release Album with Massive Collabs

Fans who love albums with arena-sized production, countless collabs, and a hit in every track will no-doubt dig the latest contribution to the rap community. Newcomers Forever M.C. and it’s different came together to produce one of the biggest albums of 2018. We didn’t ask for it, but we definitely needed it. What happens when Forever M.C. from Utah hooks up with a duo from Romania (it’s different) and some of the best in the game like Snoop Dogg, TechN9ne, Talib Kweli, Chuck D, E-40, the Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, Lupe FiascoHopsin, and The Game? Find out below:

With Forever M.C. on the mic and it’s  different behind the boards, “Girls Gone Crazy” sets the tone for the album and lets you know this is going to be an all-out rap extravaganza. Continuing Snoop Dogg’s short foray into reggae, the opening track is comparably tame to traditional album openers. While the tune may not be aggressive in the same way DMX raps, Snoop Dogg adds his own restrained intensity to the track. “Back On Your Shit” features a poke at mumble rappers and plenty of quick-shot lines (not to mention a Dragon Ball Z reference).

“Assassins Creed” is the first track on the album to feature the distinct vocals of Tech N9ne and continues this trend through the DMX-laden “King Kong” until you hit the softer vocals featured in “School” from inside-master Talib Kwelli and mainstay Lupe Fiasco. With its length and 12-song tracklist, Forever M.C. and it’s different have shown an effort the rap community has been waiting for; finally, we have an album comprised of industry mainstays, indie legends, and newcomers that bridge the gaps generations have created in the history of hip-hop/rap. Compared to shorter albums, this self-titled effort plays out like a diverse symphony, making comparisons between songs harder to make. The production behind the album clearly shot for diversity, and doesn’t disappoint; while some producers who handle multiple rappers have a hard time correctly “casting” rappers in their songs, it’s different and Forever M.C. takes this diversity with grace and caters each number to the lyrics written. With production references from the 90s, early 00s, and present, it’s different helped Forever M.C. craft an album his mama and his fans can be proud of.

Who is the target audience for this album, anyway? For modern trap fans, you have all the bass-synth “fixings” of the genre. For classic rap fans, you have a slew of legends who clearly haven’t lost their steam. With Forever M.C. and it’s different on every track, you won’t have any issue finding something you haven’t heard. Get the album here.

Connect with Forever M.C.: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with it’s different: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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