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Space Laces Releases Head Banging New Track ‘Torque’

Okay, I hear you Space Laces. If he wasn’t making enough noise collabing with the likes of Excision and Snails, then you too are about to hear him on this latest tune. Space Laces recent release “Torque” is every bit the early 90s combat racing video game adrenaline-inducing track it’s set up to be. The filthy bass slams down like two tons of iron dropped off of the Empire State Building. To be honest, my favorite part isn’t the sick riddim or electro bumping throughout. It’s probably the synth and hi-hat intro and outro which sounds like the opening of an amazing yet cheesy cop movie. Check it out below.

“Torque” was released by London’s Never Say Die Records and is sure to be bumping at every bass/dubstep show from now until the end of summer. Keep your eye (and ears) on Space Laces.

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Photo: EMP Media

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