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Calvin Harris and Hakkasan Team Up to Eliminate Straw Waste

There is a growing awareness on the harmful effects of plastic straws. Many any cities and states, like Seattle and California, are coming to terms with these effects and taking action toward placing bans on the use of plastic straws. Now, Calvin Harris and Hakkasan Group are joining the initiative, eliminating all single-use plastic straws from Hakkasan restaurants and nightclubs, effective immediately.


Harris got involved after working closely with a photographer friend who shared with him first-hand experience of the damage plastic waste causes to the environment. “We want to reduce the impact of harmful plastics, so we decided to take action. I am grateful to Hakkasan Group for supporting us and helping us make a difference. I hope other venues in the city and around the world will do the same,” Harris said. “In the fast-paced environment in which we operate, it’s easy to lose sight of wider social issues on which we have an impact,” Hakkasan Group CEO Nick McCabe continues. “We’re incredibly proud to partner with Calvin on this initiative to reduce our consumption of single use plastics.

In the United States, 500 million straws are being used and thrown away every day. That adds up to 175 billion plastic straws a year filling up landfills and littering oceans. While there are more environmental issues beyond plastic straws, an initiative like this one between Harris and the Hakkasan group can go a long way. Hakkasan is the only venue Harris will play throughout 2018, effectively making his year completely strawless.

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