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Petit Biscuit Puts Out a Contrasting EP with ‘Suffer|Safe’

Petit Biscuit has always been the producer we can count us to make us feel good, light-hearted, and most of all, safe. His music always has a level of purity and innocence that can turn a dark moment into a trance of enlightenment. While Petit’s consistency has been one of his greatest attributes, his 2-track release in the form of Safe|Suffer pushes the boundaries of the Petit Biscuit we have grown to know so well over the last 4 years.

“Safe” makes you feel everything but takes you on an eerie journey through cutting chords and a Flume-esque funnel of sounds. It’s something like we’ve never heard before. On the flip side, he shared his song “Suffer” with UK songstress, Skott. Her deep robust vocals and his thick, deep-set melodies create an emotive indie electro track that upholds the Petit sound we’ve grown so accustomed to.

In this uber contrasted project, Petit Biscuit flexes his diversity and dynamic talents as an electronic artist. With already over 1 million plays in just under a week, it’s clear Pettis experimentation is well received.

Having kicked off his US tour just last week, PB is raking in the wins. Lucky for us, we snagged a date. Petit Biscuit along with Melvv and Hazey eyes will be bringing color and good vibes to the Van Burren on November 3rd. Don’t miss this one, grab your tickets here.

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