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Malaa drops a fire house remix of Petit Biscuit’s ‘Pick Your Battle’

Petit Biscuit has been releasing the remixes for his album ‘Parachute’ little by little and we can expect to see all of the remixes out by April 21st of this year. The newest release is the ‘Pick Your Battles’ remix done by Petit Biscuit’s fellow Frenchman, Malaa. Petit Biscuit first teamed up with Diplo when releasing ‘Pick Your Battle’ back in October of 2020.

Now, here we are in 2021 with everyone’s favorite G-house genius adding his own flare to the track. Malaa first shared the news of the release being out by posting a short video on Twitter that you can watch here. Petit Biscuit also shared some thoughts tweeting how Malaa “is one of the most emblematic characters of today’s french electronic music scene. We’ve talked for a long time about getting him to remix one of my songs. “Pick Your Battles” w/ Diplo was the best choice we could make…certified banger.”

If you’ve listened to Malaa before, you’ll recognize his sound throughout the remix right away. Malaa gives the track an unexpected refresh adding some dark and bouncy bass. Although Petit Biscuit and Malaa both have completely different styles when it comes to music, this remix is absolutely a certified banger!

Listen to the track below:

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