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Artist Spotlight: PAZ

PAZzel dazzel is what I call him. This Los Angeles DJ, vocalist and professional consumer of snacks has a personality and productions style that is bigger than the Taco Bell party pack. This taco connoisseur and trap beat maker is someone who has blessed us with his presence at last year’s Decadence and in utter excitement for his NYE return, we wanted to shine the spotlight on Paz Dylan.


Yes he makes great music, and yes he makes us laugh, but what puts PAZ above the rest is his schizophrenic and unruliness ways of mixing. In any given 60 minutes with PAZ it can go from his original trap banger, ” Range Rover,” to  Slander, to a Disney movie theme song. Truly, you never know what PAZ will throw. In an interview with one of our teammates at last years Decadence, when asked what his musical influences outside of trap were he responded colorfully by saying, “Everything from hardstyle to Selena Gomez honestly. My playlists look like a cross between a 12-year-old and a mental patient. It’s like Gammer, Sam Hunt, the Kim Possible theme song, Sublime, an Avril bop. I have serious musical ADD and I think that comes out in my sets. I probably put 1000 hours of work into every set I make. I want the 60 minutes you spend with me to be insane and exciting all the way through. If you don’t yell and grab your friends like 10 times I haven’t done my job.”

If that doesn’t make you excited for his set at Decadence next month, I don’t know what will. Grab your tickets here and make sure you carve out an hour for Paz this year at Decadence AZ.

Connect with PAZ: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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