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3 um.. Songs That Whatever

When it comes to dark experimental bass music with laidback, nonchalant attitude, no one does it better than um.. Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold are the creative minds behind this dystopian project, and their sound is challenging everything we thought we knew about bass music. Their music is dark and crisp, it’s hard to comprehend their all-over-the-place and insanely wonky style. Their use of off-beat synths, varying tempo melodies, and wobbly bass makes each one of their tracks special and more unique from the last. If you’re looking for a completely new style of bass music, look no further then these two. Here are three um… songs that will show you exactly what makes these guys so special. Um… is bringing the bass to Crush Arizona in just 2 weeks! Grab last minute tickets here.

nothin to say

This track it out there. From the first hit of the drum to the last beat, this song is foreign. The wooshing swirls in the bass are almost psychedelic. The beat gets really fast then slows down to an almost halted stop. This is one of those tracks you play to your friends and watch their jaw drop.


Just like the title suggests, this track is scrazy (scary and crazy) as hell! The track has no buildup, it just drops straight into trap-influenced synths and distorted, creepy sound clips. The bass in this track sounds like its demonic and livid. I can only imagine the look on people’s faces in the crowd if they drop this during one of their live sets. 

this is our last song

Don’t believe the title of this track, “this is our last song” dropped last year and since the release, the duo has gone on to produce dozens of singles.,  This track goes hard, the high-pitched synths in the introduction sounds almost like monkeys screeching. The track then dives into an awry of unstable and trembling bass.

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