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GRiZ and Matisyahu Encourage ‘A New Day’ on Meaningful New Track

Very few artists are as open and honest with their fans as Grant Kwiecinski, also know as the sax-playing genius GRiZ. His insight and genuine compassion for others is highlighted through his social media presence, charitable work, and as well as his music. Teaming up with reggae artist Matisyahu, the Detroit born producer tackles the very real and relevant issue of gun violence in America on his new tune “A New Day.” However, there’s no way that these two powerhouses wouldn’t throw down a fresh and bouncy musical vibe to carry the message along into the world. Even while including such a powerful and real world issue within the lyrics, the song still has the signature GRiZ “future funk” feel, with Matisyahu being the perfect vocal fit. There’s a bit of reggae, a bit of electronic, and a whole lot of funk in this self reflective piece. Rather than rant on social media or preach on Youtube, after the Parkland school shooting last year, the two decided to put their feelings into a progressive and powerful song. Their genuine concern can be felt throughout the entire piece, and hopefully it will resonate with the public to spark at least a little bit of change. You can listen to “A New Day” below. 

GRiZ is one of those artists that chooses to use their platform to bring light to social issues. From the importance of public schooling, to his support of the LGBTQ+ community, and now gun violence, he isn’t afraid to say that changes need to be made. Hopefully more artists can follow in his footsteps and bring a little more empathy (and a little more funk) into this world. “A New Day” is the fourth single from his upcoming Ride Waves LP, out April 5. Even more exciting for us here in Arizona, GRiZ brings his incredible live show to Phoenix Lights THE DAY AFTER his newest release comes out. All that means is that we get to prove that Arizona is most definitely on GRiZ’s new wave, before most of the world. You can snag tickets to Phoenix Lights here, and check out “A New Day” on all platforms through GRiZ’s official website

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