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Quackson Drops ‘Run It’ on Dim Mak Records

Bass producer Quackson has just released a track on his first big label, Dim Mak, and it’s called “Run It.” He’s been consistent with his releases for the last year, with each track getting better and badder than the last. He’s already started 2019 with a big release, so you can guess how the rest of the year is going to go for him (hint: very good.) Prepare yourself for an onslaught of bass and listen to “Run It.”

The producer behind this track creates a sound design a lot more fierce than the sassy little pixel duck that stands in as his logo. The second drop slaps twice as hard as the first, so make sure you give this a full listen. Quackson incorporates a balance of deep, distorted and high-pitched voices both repeating “Run it again,” with heavy-hitting synths and bass for a true banger that’s earned a release on the Dim Mak label.

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