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Artist Spotlight: J.Phlip

J.Phlip has been producing euphoric house music since before most of us even knew what house music was. She got her start in 2005 after winning a local DJing competition and touring the United States. This eventually led to J.Phlip moving to San Francisco to chase her dream even more. Although moving to California from Illinois to pursue DJing full time seemed like a risky move, J.Phlip kept her eye on the prize and eventually made connections with the legendary record label Dirtybird.

Now, with over a decade of experience under her belt, J.Phlip has crafted a truly complex and enticing sound. Before you listen to one of her sets make sure you have a bottle of water and some towels to wipe up the sweat, because she gets you moving. Her music is a booty-shaking, full body workout from start to finish.

J.Phlip is not afraid to branch out and experiment with the weird and wobbly side of house music. Don’t be surprised if you’re listening to one of her sets and find yourself completely mind blown, trying to figure out piece together what you just witnessed.

J.Phlip is taking over The Colony stage alongside Claude VonStroke and Shiba San in less than a month at Phoenix Lights. Grab tickets here.

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Photo: Sound Bar

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