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Um.. We Need to Talk About the ‘Wouldn’t Worry About It’ EP

We’ve always loved DJ duo um.. for the out-of-the-box grimy bass sound they’re known for, especially after recently seeing them at this year’s Crush Festival, but we really weren’t ready for how far they went with their latest three-track EP, Wouldn’t Worry About It. They really went for it this time. Don’t try to understand it, let’s just listen and enjoy.

With deliciously weird sound design and a hoppy tempo that still maintains a rhythm to bob your head to, um..’s fourth EP takes bass music into dark waters. If you like bass but want to dip your toes into newer and stranger pools, then um..’s liquid sound is for you, starting with this EP. Diving right into the first track, “What’s It Called,” you’ll find yourself nearly unnerved by sinister echoes reminiscent of a haunted house and alien synths. The track that shares a name with the EP, “Wouldn’t Worry About It,” has a snappier beat and freeform energy that even your average listener can appreciate. Finally, “That’s Stupid,” is actually evidence of um..’s electronic genius, with the proof in the absurdly delightful samples and catchy clapping beat. You’re going to need to listen to this album a few times to really grasp and appreciate it, and we think your ears will enjoy each play more than the last.

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