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DJ to Watch: Slooze

In a broken, futuristic world, midtempo music is in the middle of an uprising. One Toronto producer markedly talented in the growing bass world goes by the name Slooze, and he continues to prove he’s one to watch. With just under seven thousand followers on SoundCloud and dystopic galaxies for cover art distracting from his (currently) unknown identity, Slooze is a dark galactic diamond in the rough.

Slooze’s first post on SoundCloud dates back only a year, which makes his growth in the industry impressively quick. He’s gained support from artists like Rezz, k?d, Illenium, and 1788-L, the latter of whom featured Slooze in a collaboration on the title track from his recent album, S Y N T H E T I K. His dark, growling bass hits hard with crunching sounds and synths that synchronize with the interstellar, end-of-the-world theme prominent in the artwork for his tracks. Slooze continues to earn well-deserved recognition with his clear motivation to succeed, with a new track released nearly every month. The quality of his productions doesn’t suffer because of the quantity – all of his flips, remixes, and original tracks are all a testament of his natural ability to create distinctive midtempo music. If you like what you hear on his SoundCloud, make sure to check back on May 15 when he releases a new single ahead of his debut EP coming at the end of this summer.

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