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Sink Your Teeth Into These 10 Jauz Tracks

Sam Vogel, better known by his stage name Jauz, is an American DJ and electronic dance music producer based in San Francisco, United States. Noted as one of the most well-known DJs in the world- Jauz is a musician who hunts you, gets a hold of you, and attacks with simply the force of bass and banging beats. Beloved for his genre-blending, bass house-blasting, shark-like tendencies, Jauz consistently puts out music with a bite and a new wave flare that keeps us on our toes. From bass house to just house, he puts what whatever the flip he wants and that’s a trait we don’t see too often.

Tracks like “Rock The Party”, “Feel The Volume” are what created his initial splash in the scene and once you hear those compared to more a recent release like “Dance Floor” with up and coming house producer SUMR CAMP, you’ll see (and hear) what I mean. But words are not why we are here, we are here for the melodies, the lyrics, the feels, and of course the bitting bass. So to bring some life to this Jauz party, we are compiling 10 of his best tracks to date for our fellow Shark Squad. Check it out below.

Bite this! Jauz is swimming back to the southwest to take over the deep end of our Talking Stick Release Pool Party on June 8. Don’t miss this one- grab your tickets here.

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