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Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet’s ‘Space Date’ Gets Remixed

In 2018, Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, and Green Velvet released “Space Date,” a song that pays tribute to the early days of house and techno. “Space Date” is just as fun and energetic as it is brilliant and last month they released two remixes of the beloved track. Pleasurekraft and John Monkman‘s remixes of “Space Date” add their own unique styles into the song and are each perfect example as to why house and techno go so well together. 

Comparing the Pleasurekraft remix and John Monkman remix is difficult because both songs are distinctly perfect. The “Space Date” Pleasurekraft remix embraces the techno side of things. With spacey-synth plucks and a melody played on an analog sounding flute, this remix is a throwback to the early days of electronic music. The house percussion makes the song perfect for dancing and listening to it carefully you’ll begin to notice some subtle changes that evolve into complex, beautiful sections of the song. The John Monkman remix takes the original “Space Date” song, and incorporates aspects of modern house to create a song that’s sure to get everyone dancing. John Monkman’s remix is more percussive than Pleasurekraft’s and has a deep house bass that would sound incredible through festival speakers. The remix also pays homage to the original song by including some trippy bass patterns that fit well with Green Velvet’s signature vocal samples. 

If you love classic tech house, you’ll want to see Green Velvet at Goldrush 2019 on September 27 and 28 at Rawhide (tickets available here).

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