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DJ to Watch: Jansten

Colorado native and eclectic bass producer Jansten is one of those hidden, shining gems who, once found, you can’t believe you never knew about before – except that the gem is actually wobbly, grimy dubstep with an old-school vibe. He cheekily lists Yerba Mate as his influence on his official Facebook page, and his music is just as delicious as the hippie tea. In addition, Jansten also credits other influences like jazz, blues, rock, and other genres responsible for his original talents. Jansten has been a producer for the last fifteen years, formulating his own original tracks as well as collaborating with big dogs like Bassnectar, Dirt Monkey, Luzcid and others. Get a taste for Jantsen’s sound below.

In addition to several collaborations with bass god Bassnectar, Jansten has several delectable original tracks to satisfy your wobble needs. The fun doesn’t end with his produced music, Jantsen brings his enthusiasm and silly personality to his live sets. I was lucky enough to see Jansten bring everything he had to his Electric Forest set this year, but I was left hanging… Jansten was cut off before the second drop of his last song because of time constraints. You’d better believe I’ll be seeing Jansten as well as DMVU at AURA on October 26th in the hopes of hearing that elusive second drop. Join me, and get your tickets now!

Connect with Jansten: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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