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DMVU Takes Us to ‘Distant Planets’

Mathew Jones, more commonly known as DMVU, has extended his talents from local Denver DJ to globally known bass producer. He’s been riding the growing wave of bass music ever since his extremely successful track “Bloccd” which has found its way into DJ sets and fan earbuds everywhere. DMVU has a meticulous and intensely evocative sound design, which has seamlessly catapulted him from novice DJ to talented producer. He’s gained support and recognition from producers like Noisia and Boombox Cartel, proving he’s worthy of his fans’ support as well. His latest single, “Distant Planets,” is just more evidence of this. Listen below.

“Distant Planets” features shuddering synths, wobbly alien sounds, and high-pitched vocals that all blend effortlessly for an otherworldly track. If you’ve only been familiar with his hit “Bloccd,” then you will be pleasantly surprised to hear something a little different. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard so far, make sure you catch DMVU as well as Jantsen at AURA on October 26th. You can find your tickets here.

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