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Jauz and i_o Release Groovy Tech House Collab ‘Truth’

It’s no secret that techno and house work well together. Since the ’90s, tech house has been exploding in the underground scene and today we’re seeing a revival of one of the most popular house subgenres. Last month, Jauz announced Jauz Presents: This Is Off The Deep End, a tech-house compilation LP with collaborations from Kendoll, Nukid, Ship Wrek, and more. To truly unite the two genres, Jauz called on the modern techno pioneer, i_o, to collaborate on his second single off the LP, “Truth.”

“Truth” is an original, unique song that combines Jauz and i_o’s individual style. The airy techno vocals drive the track while the feel-good house percussion creates constant, undying energy. The groovy bassline is perfect for dancing and listening to the song will instantly make you want to start shuffling. Fans have been wanting a Jauz and i_o collaboration for a while and this track is better than what we could have ever expected. The two artists have known each other for several years and Jauz explains how “Truth” came together, “i_o and I have been friends for something like seven years now and watching him create this new project from scratch and seeing its growth has been so much fun. We’ve always written music together, he was basically in the studio with me during the entire creation of The Wise and the Wicked, but when the OTDE project came along we both knew it was the perfect fit for us to actually do a track together”.

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