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Rezz’s Dark Sound Reaches ‘Beyond The Senses’ With Latest EP

Isabelle Rezazadeh, the Queen of Darkness known as Rezz, has surpassed the expectations and desires her fans (also known as the Cult of Rezz) had for her latest EP. Rezz has produced music straight from the depths of hell – or the craters of Neptune – most recently in the forms of her mix Nightmare on Rezz Street and album Certain Kind of Magic, but she’s raised and crushed her own bar with this EP. Beyond The Senses possesses all sensations and grips at some sinister sixth sense within the listener. The darkness flowing from her synths and wubs resonates with the shadows inside all of us, making each track a deeply personal experience. If you’re ready, immerse yourself below.

An EP of this standard deserved more than a typical promotion, and Rezz, in her ambitious fashion, was the first DJ to host a virtual reality listening party across the globe. The six-track EP was debuted in a Rezz-themed world with a VR-version of Rezz playing live to an audience of aliens. If you missed the live stream, you can watch it below.

Beyond The Senses stretches far beyond the realm of Rezz we are familiar with in a way that displays how at ease Rezz is with going beyond her comfort zones and warns us that we truly don’t know what else Rezz is capable of creating. For example, “Stress” features sinister vocals that hiss “You’re mine now” in a frightening way that is innately scarier than anything we’ve seen from Rezz before. Opposite of this track is “Lonely,” which Rezz tweeted that she “kept a couple of the songs such as ‘Lonely’ top secret because I wanted to surprise all of u, one of my fav songs.” A diamond that Rezz slyly hid in the rough, “Lonely” is nearly unrecognizable as one of her songs until the grinding, heavy-hitting bass. The glitchy, sorrowful, and angelic vocals of The Rigs add a dynamic element that will easily make the song appealing to more than just Rezz’s usual fan base. Easily one of the hardest working producers in the industry, Rezz has again proved her talent matches her ambition.

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