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Kidnap Sails Into the Horizon with New Track ‘Sea Breeze’

Need something new, refreshing, and straight-up creative? English producer Kidnap recently released his debut album, Grow, and the tracks that it encompasses are more than meets the eye. With seamless blends of classical and electronic music, this album takes electronic production to a whole new world, introducing sounds so shockingly beautiful and unique that you’ll be left uncertain of where the lines between produced and organic sounds start and end until you realize they’ve been blurred altogether. The story behind the recording process reportedly reveals a journey of change and growth, as well each track representing different snapshots in life, both the good and the ugly. Kidnap’s intriguing track, “Sea Breeze,” from the album is arguably a prime example to represent the work due to its incredible and artistic production! Listen to the song below!

With mystical soundscapes and insanely smooth and soothing synths, this track will have you seeing the endless ocean unfold before you, setting the scene and drifting you further out into the calm waters. If you listen carefully, the beautiful rifts almost sound like the wind whistling through the air, as you sail on towards the horizon of a better tomorrow. The astounding talent and genius composition of this piece set it apart and solidify Kidnap as a true artist, and one highly worth listening to! Don’t pass up your chance to experience something truly amazing.

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