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Relentless Review: Bleep Bloop Blows Our Minds with ‘Gain the Axe’ EP

Earlier this year, Bleep Bloop brought the world a new seven-track album, The Psychic Staring Effect Vol. 2. In the same way that said album showcased Bleep Bloop’s versatility and sound design skills, his new Gain the Axe EP embodies excellence. In other words, the Gain the Axe EP is indisputable evidence that Bleep Bloop has mastered his craft.

Beginning with its titular track, the Gain the Axe EP opens up with a calm and welcoming atmosphere, but it doesn’t take long for those soft synths to turn sharp, as Bleep Bloop prepares us to take the plunge into deep, dark, and heavy waters. While the bass begins to swell and the processed drums drive us down further, the now-eerie synths and atmosphere keep our brains buzzing throughout. The second half of the track continues these patterns while also developing a soundtrack-like environment. Simply put, within the very first song of the EP, one experiences an entire world. And, as one would imagine, this is truly just the tip of the iceberg. After all, Bleep Bloop is just getting started.

Gain the Axe

The second track, “Take Me,” immediately ups the energy. With a drum-and-bass-style intro, which is quickly customized to Bleep Bloop’s liking, one can’t help but begin to move around a little. Then, when the bridge brings us into the drop, don’t be surprised if you find yourself enamored and unwilling to leave. There are many moving layers throughout the rest of the track, but all of them flow exceptionally well together. Yes, “Take Me,” Bleep Bloop; or rather, take us all into the depths of your imagination.

Take Me

And that’s precisely what he does in “Characters Who Smoke,” the third track of the EP. Absolutely captivating, there are no words for this one. With freeform flow, insane sound design, and unparalleled creativity, “Characters Who Smoke” is one song that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. In fact, you might just need to, especially if you want to fully understand its intricacies, progressions, and intoxicating complexities.

Characters Who Smoke

One of the darkest tracks on the EP, “Eye Patch of Powers” pummels the listener with heavy drums, a wide array of glitchy creations, and so much more. At the same time, however, these intense elements are coupled with a soft and welcoming ambiance in the beginning and end of the song. The result, of course, is a fascinating soundscape – one that deserves many more visits down the road.

Eye Patch of Powers

With an ominous sample towards the beginning of it, “Lady of War” quickly gets down to business. In a timelessly funky groove, Bleep Bloop blasts us with crushing drums, various basses, and an impressive arsenal of sounds. The vocal sample then returns after the main drop, bringing things full-circle. Of course, Bleep Bloop doesn’t stop there. There’s a little more fun yet to be had, as he prepares us for the final song on the EP.

Lady of War

Last but certainly not least, Bleep Bloop caps things off with “Straight Through the Wall.” If a single song could be a seminar in sound design, it would go a little something like this. While things start out very light and airy, we all know they won’t end that way. At first, the song is spacey; then, it’s minimalistic; next, there’s a period of playful experimentation; and finally, there is a series of extremely heavy bass work. Even then, however, Bleep Bloop still manages to bridge the full-force drops with yet another stretch of ethereal ecstasy. In short, the level of skill that went into “Straight Through the Wall” is simply unreal.

Straight Trough the Wall

From start to finish, the Gain the Axe EP is a six-track masterclass. Furthermore, artists everywhere can learn so much from it. With such precision, cutting-edge innovation, and razor-sharp wit throughout, it’s easy to see how this EP earned its title, much like how Bleep Bloop has earned such an impeccable reputation in the bass music industry.

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