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Two Feet is Back with Two New Singles

Rising star Two Feet has unexpectedly gifted us with new music after a long and much needed mental health break the past year. The talented singer, guitarist, and producer has some soulful and unique hits such as “Go Fuck Yourself” and “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” that you may know, but if not his newest releases “Intro” and “Pink” are a great place to start. Blending styles like blues with electronic music is part of what makes Two Feet’s tracks so raw and special sounding, and his new music does not stray from that. The dramatic minute long instrumental piece, titled “Intro”, was mysteriously dropped on streaming platforms and left fans itching for more. The following day the new hit “Pink” was released, featuring dynamic vocals, deep lyrics, and a moving guitar solo by Two Feet himself. Both “Intro” and “Pink” were accompanied by emotion-filled music videos, which you can watch below.

With the release of the single “Pink,” Two Feet unveils that an album, which he is still working on, will follow. Until then, fans will receive a song every month until it is officially out! Two Feet’s sound is extremely different and refreshing, making the album highly anticipated. “Pink” will be on repeat until we get to hear next month’s song.

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