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Get Whisked Away by Goldroom’s Latest ‘Just Like a Dream’

Remember a month ago when Goldroom dropped a hidden house gem that took us all on a smooth boat ride we never wanted to end? It was a four-track collection of feel-good summer vibes complete with electro, tech-house, and tropical undertones that began with “Everbody’s Lonely.” Well, this glittering journey that Goldroom created for us is gaining an additional stretch that whisks reality away “Just Like a Dream.” Becoming the EP’s title as well, Goldroom and Nikki Segal turn any room into a starry night on the beach, washing away negativity with the crackling beats and rhythmic synths. The intentional piano notes matched with airy vocals crafts a piece that builds and builds to mark the individuality Goldroom has been able to master with his music. Be sure to listen to the whole EP below and enter a groovy daydream with Goldroom.

L.A.-based producer Josh Legg is taking versatility to practice. Masterfully blending the soulful vibes of House with bright electro-pop since 2011, Goldroom’s productions are drawn from a heavy musical background. Being in a band (NightWaves), learning to play the cello and guitar at a young age, and writing his own songs on the daily spurred Goldroom into a lifelong passion for sound. When he was 15, he was turned to ‘60s/’70s rock and folk music further adding to his inspiration. When he discovered electronic artists like Daft Punk and Air the desire to invent an entirely new sound palette that makes an impact spawned the experimental artist we see today.

And before you know it, Goldroom will be taking the stage in Tucson, Arizona at Dusk Music Festival to put us all in a tropical trance. Be sure to grab tickets here to see him alongside Rezz, Two Door Cinema Club, and more on November 9th and 10th.

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