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RB Deep in the Mix: Prok | Fitch – September Podcast 2019 Live From Ibiza And Scotland

Prok | Fitch, also known as Prok & Fitch, have elevated their status from respected and successful house & techno producers to now being known as some of Beatport’s highest-selling artists annually. Their the longest standing #1 “Sheeple” remained in the No. 1 spot for an impressive 16 weeks. Their ambitious talent matches their music output, including collaborations with Green Velvet, Ben Pearce, Roger Sanchez and Solardo on various projects. This talent has surged them forward and onto the big stages at festivals like Warehouse Project Manchester, Tomorrowland, CRSSD, and Ibiza, the latter of which they recorded and featured on their September podcast. Listen below for this week’s RB Deep in the Mix.

Prok & Fitch come at you this month from the UK and “rock the bassline” with heads-down grooves and deep festival vibes from their live set at Ibiza. The tracks they included in this set ooze tranquil yet hypnotic sounds, sending you spinning into a techno/house trance. On their Facebook page, Prok & Fitch announce “We’re in the best place we’ve ever been with our sound, we’re making the music we love and it’s effortless, it fuels our passion for house and techno, a passion that we’ve carried since day one.” This passion is obviously clear in this set and pronounces itself in their released music. Prok & Fitch invite you to immerse yourself in this passion when they come to Shady Park on December 15th. Find tickets here.

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