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BROHUG Drops Third Track In Less Than Thirty Days

BROHUG is on a roll this year with each and every release they drop being like mini House bombs! And we’re taking the heat of every last one in a club induced fervor. The Swedish trio is scaring the scene with their miraculous ability to transform House in a hypnotic, yet gritty way. They’ve been non-stop since 2016 with release sprees so frenzied, we fans have trouble keeping up. So, are you “Ready” for this new release? Following up “Addict,” then “Scorpion,” and even a collab with Ghastly, we have their latest four-on-the-floor single that has us all bending over backward, or forward, to dance in the crowd. Full of reverberating vocals, samples, and instrumental intros so meticulously placed, “Ready” is about to take over the scene. Out now on their very own BROHOUSE, listen below.

With the number of times we’ve covered them this past month, if you don’t know Christopher Lunde, John Dahlbäck, and Niklas Lunde by now, it’s time to press play and get groovy. They will be performing in just a few weeks at AURA Nightclub on November 15th, so you better be “Ready.” Grab tickets here.

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