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‘Send It’ to This Headbanging Remix From MVRDA and SampliFire

It’s really hard to match anything against the dubstep fiends Barely Alive, 12th Planet, and PhaseOne. When they come together in varying ways their tracks always go so hard it makes me want to blow my speakers out to see just how heavy that bass can go. All headbangers know these names and their songs appear on their playlists one way or another. And those of us who pride ourselves in neck-breaking will be excited to know Barely Alive and PhaseOne will be playing in Arizona before the year is over. They’ve both made an impact on the Disciple Record label and garnered attention from some big dubstep, bass, and trap names. All the way back in 2017, they released “Send It” which found it’s home on the Disciple compilation Knights of the Round Table Vol. 1, which shook the world apart with its stomping bass lines and overpowering drops. Now, we see up and coming stars MVRDA and SampliFire taking that song and flipping it into something that goes just a little deeper and just a little harder. Out now on Disciple Round Table, listen below.

MVRDA, pronounced heavy dubstep, and SampliFire are recent signees to the Disciple’s Round Table. After their B2B set with Infekt at EDC Las Vegas earlier this year, the two have been adopted under the US tour and are taking their slamming beats everywhere they go. Their careers are beginning to bloom in a bass and dubstep induced fervor, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled. With more singles on the way, and shows too, this remix gets us excited for everything the world of dubstep has to offer.

Be sure to grab tickets to see Barely Alive on November 14th at Gentle Ben’s and/or November 16th at The Green Room. Also, PhaseOne will take the stage at AURA Night Club a month later. Playing this flip alongside the original drop would be legendary. Be there to hear it yourself.

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