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Watch It Wednesday: Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis – ‘Used To Love’

Martin Garrix needs little to no introduction so let’s get straight into the music. Just last week the Nertherlands-born producer linked up with Australian singer Dean Lewis on a new collab titled “Used to Love.” Coming at us as a dance floor heater with an heavy emotional element, this is a track destined to hit the top of the charts which made it a sure fire way to land today’s Watch It Wednesday.

Now adding the visual element of the music video, we are taken to new heights with “Used To Love.”In the video, we see the duo take this song to a stage which flows to the beat of the track. Not keeping the video emotional for long, the video does portray the two lost souls we imagine from the lyrics finding their way back to one another. It’s something you have to experience with your eyes and ears- check out the video below.

Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis – Used To Love (Official Video)

“We spent about a week together locked behind closed doors in Amsterdam working on a song, which thought might end up be sung by someone else,” Lewis said in a press statement. “But as the track progressed it started to sound a lot like me, but also very Martin.”

Garrix seems to be on a song-releasing heater so keep a close eye on what he does next.

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