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Monxx Drops First Single of 2020

One of the wonkiest dubstep producers on the planet today, Monxx is a master of riddim. As a matter of fact, many people credit Monxx as one of the driving forces behind the rise of riddim in recent years. As for the new year, Josh Carling, better known as Monxx, has finally released his first single of 2020, ‘Vibez.’

An excellent start to the new year, ‘Vibez’ contains a wide variety of sounds, skills, and styles. In the first moments of the song, we hear an 80s-style synth, some classic Monxx sounds, and, soon, a build-up into our first Monxx drop of the new decade. Wet, wild, and wonderful, Carling showcases an extensive arsenal of carefully crafted basses, synths, drums, and more. While both drops contain similar noises overall, Monxx manages to incorporate a couple of different flows, constantly keeping us on our toes.

In addition, ‘Vibez’ is an intriguing beginning to the new year for a few reasons. On one hand, we have the classic Monxx components; on the other, however, several elements within ‘Vibez,’ such as the 80s-style synthesizer, are less synonymous with Carling’s brand. Simply put, ‘Vibez’ leaves Monxx fans with an interesting question, “What can we expect from Josh in the remainder of 2020?”

Yes, we hear his signature sounds in this track—many of which can be heard on his World of Wonk album—but we also can’t overlook the fact that he is constantly expanding his horizons. Furthermore, if Carling would want his music to get even more experimental and adventurous with time, then the best way to do so would be by combining his classic sounds with new ones, just as he has done here. In short, ‘Vibez’ isn’t just the beginning of Carling’s 2020; rather, it is also an opportunity to expand his brand into an even more diverse and encompassing concept.

While we can certainly expect more of his signature sounds in the near future, one can only imagine what Monxx has in store for the remainder of 2020, let alone the new decade. In any event, we can’t wait to hear what Carling creates next.

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