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Radio Recap: Kayzo’s Doghouse Radio #44

Since his explosive start around 2012, Kayzo, born Hayden Capuozzo, has been relentlessly building his Doghouse empire. The LA-based DJ/producer dropped out of college to attend the elite Icon Collective production school; following that he won Insomniac’s Discovery Project, which allowed the budding artist to showcase his sound for the first time live. Since then, fans of Kayzo will proudly tell you that Kayzo and the Doghouse collective stand for gritty determination and finding success from what you put your mind to. Among tours, labels, streams of song releases and more, Kayzo also presses on with his radio show, “Doghouse Radio.” Episode #44 of the now-monthly show is available below for this week’s Radio Recap.

You’re in the doghouse now. After a brief introduction of the first track and mention of only doing one episode a month instead of two, Kayzo gets to the good stuff with “no more talking, just music.” This episode is a dynamic mixture of hardstyle influence, house, and high-energy dubstep. It aligns with Kayzo’s standards to not just produce from one or two genres but to make music that sounds like what he personally enjoys. Featuring music from Kayzo’s own label, Welcome Records, and the man himself, episode #44 is an aggressively fun example of what the Doghouse is live.

Kayzo will be unleashing his sound from the Doghouse at Phoenix Lights on April 3rd and 4th. Get your tickets by clicking here.

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