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BIJOU and Kaleena Zanders Pay Tribute to Nipsey Hussle with Debut Single on Armada Music: ‘ONE LIFE’

You only have “One Life,” so you better live it to the fullest. That empowering message is at the core of BIJOU and Kaleena Zanders’ brand-new collab (and debut record) on Armada Music. Drawing inspiration from their love for Nipsey Hussle and their obsession for west coast music culture, the record is an ode to the late rapper and a reminder that every single minute should be a moment well spent.

A pairing of solid beats, fresh vocals and peppered beat drops, ‘One Life’ is where sheer infectiousness meets dance floor flair. Showcasing the signature touches of American DJ/producer BIJOU and frequent accomplice Kaleena Zanders, this record holds an empowering message bound to make the crowd party even harder.

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