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Bella Renee makes her solo single debut with ‘Call Me Back’

Bella Renee makes her debut with the release of her first solo single titled ‘Call Me Back’ out now. 

Having received 120,000 streams on her track with world famous dance music artist, TyDi, Bella is excited to embark on her solo journey. ‘Call Me Back’ is a sensitive take with a driving melody, ensuring that the music moves you in more ways than one. Bella’s latest track bleeds personality, telling the story of a personal breakup, something which many can relate to. Bella explains, “the lyrics are a sassy way of saying ‘I’m over you’”.

The cover art features a deserted payphone, lending more to the theme of the track. In Bella’s eyes, she is saying, “you can call me back if you want, but I won’t be there to answer.”

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