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PAZ pumps up the energy with newest release ‘Bear Down’

Hailing from Los Angeles, young and promising producer PAZ has been taking the scene by storm over the last several years. He has continuously created his own path, winning listeners over with his throwback mash-ups, energetic stage presence, and very active fan-base interaction on social media. As personable as he is talented, PAZ stays true to the heart of EDM, and shows his support for his fans in a way that is not typically seen with big-name artists. Having played at Relentless Beats’ very own Decadence Arizona during multiple years, the ambitious artist has found a home in the Arizona rave scene, with his taco-loving tendencies and all. From dubstep to trap to bass house, PAZ’s limits know no bounds. Smashing into 2021 with incredible force, he just released a brand new banger, “Bear Down,” and the result is spine-tingling good. Listen to the new track now!

Teaming up with EDM/Hip Hop vocalist Rico Act, PAZ may have just dropped the March banger of the year. The track is a rowdy, electric, intense creation that is sure to shake you to your core. With high-pitched shrills, hard-hitting beats, and relentless destruction, PAZ chaotically conducts an aggressively fun symphony of sounds. This single is not for the faint of heart, as it will likely have you thrashing and head-banging from start to finish. Prepare to be obliterated with a smile on your face, because this bass is no joke. As PAZ continues to work his way to the top, his talent never ceases to grow, further solidifying him as a reputable artist and paving the way for future success.

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