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Illenium’s there for us when the world goes “Sideways” with his new track

Do you ever feel the world is going “Sideways”? You’re not alone. Today, Illenium released “Sideways” featuring vocalist, Valerie Broussard, and Nurko. Just when we think Illenium already has done so much, he decides to gift us with another song.

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Prior to the release, Illenium previewed this song a couple of weeks ago at Ubbi Dubbi 2021. Fans were anticipating this release since it was 1 out of the 3 unreleased songs he played. People were able to hear a part of it before the release date which makes this track very special!

With this song, the lyrics speak on the world going sideways, meaning that it’s not always at its best. However, it ensures that there will be someone there for you when it comes to these sideways moments. This track is reassuring, knowing that Illenium is there for us all when the world goes sideways. The song is accompanied by a suspenseful drop and comforting basslines, encompassing our softest emotions.

“Sideways” adds to the list of tracks for Illenium’s upcoming album, Fallen Embers, coming soon this summer. More to come for future Illenium tracks and collaborations!

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